Countertop Brochure Holder

A4 Acrylic Countertop Brochure Holder

Display brochures, pamphlets, and other promotional materials with ease using our Acrylic Countertop Brochure Holder. Made from clear acrylic with a 3mm thickness, this single-pocket brochure holder is available in A4, A5, DL, and custom sizes.

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Acrylic Sign Holder with Slant Back Design – A4

Display Size: A4 (21x30cm.)

The Acrylic Sign Holder with Slant Back Design is a durable and attractive way to display important messages, advertisements, or promotions in your business. Made from clear acrylic material, this sign holder features a slanted design that makes it easy to read from different angles, making it perfect for use on countertops or tables. Available in various sizes to accommodate different types of signs and literature, this sign holder is perfect for retail stores, restaurants, offices, and other business settings.


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